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Quality Runs Through the Whole Process  from Production to Delivery

  • Confirm the DFM with customer before sample production;
  • Provide inspection report for each CTQ and critical part before delivery;
  • Accept SGS and other third party’s in-site inspection if necessary;
  • Provide 8D report and CAR to client in case quality issue happens;
  • Have regular maintenance schedule for all measuring tools;
  • Strict controls and checkups are conducted on a regular basis.
  • In addition, our concerning is not only part itself but also material localization, ddocumentation of production and reasonable design of packaging for long distance transportation.


9001-2008 certificates

Regular documentation includes DFM report, First Article Inspection report, Correct Action report, 8D report, Inspection Instruction and Inspection report etc. The below sample reports for your reference:

No matter steel roller, rubber roller or aluminum rolls, the general key concerning
for the quality is almost the same.

Key Concerning for Precise Grand Rollers

  • 1. Material and heat treatment such as annealing and hardening
  • 2. Welding quality – heating roller needs to be water-tight tested
  • 3. Cylindricity of the roller
  • 4. Surface roughness
  • 5. Dynamic balancing especially for high-speed rolls
  • 6. Coating thickness and quality
  • 7. The material certificate is very important for stainless steel rollers   because the ddcorrosion resistance is quite different between 304L, 316L, 2205 and 904L.

Customer Visits at Workshop

Packaging Quality

We have a carpenter workshop for solid packaging making. All the boxes are made
of plywood for export (Fumigation-free).

We regard packaging as a crucial link. Careful and appropriate packaging is fairly important to ensure the good condition and successful delivery of the rollers. For example, it is better to pack the painted roller with paper instead of nylon(nylon and paint may stick together); rubber rollers should be supported at both shaft ends inside box, otherwise rubber may deform permanently if it is pressed or stacked up directly; and vaccum packaging is a quite good solution for zinc plated roller, otherwise roller may rust during sea shipments.

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