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Hot vulcanized rubber roller, cold vulcanized rubber roller
We deliver high-quality industrial rollers only

We supply rubber coated rollers including Polyurethane (PU), Buna Nitrile rubber(NBR), Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), EPDM rubber, Silicon rubber and PVC etc. The rubber covering rollers are used in the fields of textile, paper mills, grand format digital printing, converting, films, laminating, packaging, plywood processing, foods, mining and any other conveyor industries widely.  

We could process rubber roller up to 6,000mm in-house and max. 12,000mm long by outsourcing. Both hot vulcanized and cold vulcanized rubber are available, and we could also meet some special requirements for friction and anti-static performance etc. In addition, we provide inspection report for every critical rubber roller.  

We own ISO 9001:2015 certificate, and we have close cooperation with many famous companies such as Hewlett Packard, EFI, RPA technology etc.

rubber roller coating process
engineer is inspecting

Engineer is inspecting the Rockwell hardness of steel area (it was hardened).

Our Rubber Rollers

This is the EPDM coated rubber roller for grand digital printing machine. Length of roller:3,300mm
Diameter: 165mm
Cylindricity: 0.05mm
Rubber hardness: Shore A 65°
Color: black

Our Rubber Rollers
Our Rubber Rollers

These are the pu rubber coated rollers for belt conveyor.
Length of roller:1300-1700mm
Diameter: 76mm
Run-out: 0.05mm

PU coated rubber roller
Length of roller:2,900mm
Diameter: 280mm
Run-out: 0.05mm
Silicon rubber roller in grinding

Our Rubber Rollers
Our Rubber Rollers

EPDM rubber roller for glass conveyor.
Color of roller: yellow
Color of rubber: black
EPDM with Shore A 60

Large size of rubber driven pulleys
Ru bber type: SBR
Hardness: 70 Shore A
Diameter: 1,210mm
Length: 5,750mm
Shaft thickness: 2mm 316L s.s. spayed

Our Rubber Rollers

Other Custom Rubber Rollers

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